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mop products

This is a range of hair products developed from organic and food-derived ingredients providing nutrition for healthy hair and scalp as well as protection from day to day elements. It is suitable for both men and women.
At Malishi we love mop! It means we can give our customers the highest quality of hair care while respecting the earth. The result is modern, simple and natural solutions for the cleansing, treatment and finishing of all hair types.
Put simply, beauty in balance with nature.

kevin marphy products

With a long career spanning fashion, runway, editorial and film, Kevin Murphy is one of the worlds most respected and sought after session hairstylists.
Unsatisfied with the performance of mainstream hair products and drawing on his experience of session work, Kevin developed a range of weightless products that provided performance, strength and longevity to support today's ever changing styles. This means all our Customers can experience session similar styles in the knowledge they will look great and last.
These products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. All Kevin Murphy hair products are sulphate and paraben free.

Goldwell products

We like Goldwell because their products give us lots of flexibility when agreeing a Colour strategy with a Customer.
Basically, there are two approaches. One is a Permanent Colour option and the other is a Semi-Permanent (demi) Colour option, with an identical colour range. This means we can use these products separately or in combination. The result is we can maintain a Customers Colour choice whilst minimising any long term hair damage.
The Goldwell Colour Care System also gives us a great range of after care products for use in the Salon as well as at home.

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