Ayako’s farewell dinner

Our beautiful receptionist Ayako who has been working with us for 7years!!! is going on maternity leave so Team Malishi had a farewell dinner at the “Little Georgia” restaurantin in Islington.

We haven’t tried Georgian food before but  it was so tasty and uses lots of spices and herbs. Georgian food is a fusion European, Middle Eastern  and West Asian, also they have some unique and yummy wine as well!  Thank you Little Georgia we had an amazing time 🙂

Here is their website http://www.littlegeorgia.co.uk

Thank you Ayako for your hard work for such a long time,  we are looking forward to seeing you and your baby!!! 👼 748716F6-C2C0-4B63-AD53-82A0580DD030A88DFE3A-10AE-4553-9E4E-19637E451858





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