Phone: 0207 403 3332

We regret that we cannot accept appointments left on our answer machine, texts or by email. The reason for this is that messages are sometimes confusing, lacking in full information or are misunderstood our side and this leads to unnecessary stress for all concerned.

We are open 5days a week (often till quite late) so we ask that you call our helpful receptionist who can discuss your requirements in detail, provide you with helpful advice and controls all bookings.


Here at Malishi we have to operate a strict Cancellation Policy. We ask for at least 24 hours notice of cancellation of appointment by phone (no text or email). Obviously, if you know you can’t make a Tuesday appointment, we ask that you let us know by the previous Saturday.

However, we do understand that at times something urgent or out of your control will prevent you from making the appointment. All we ask is that if possible, you still let us know the situation because we just might be able to offer the slot to someone local.

We hope you will understand that we are only a small business and so we rely on keeping as busy as possible at all times. Over the years, this has given us the advantage of keeping our prices stable for a long time. So if we feel someone is constantly cancelling on us, understandably this is frustrating to us and other Customers and we may have to refuse future booking requests.