Client guidance

At this difficult time we need to set out some basic rules to be able to run our salon in a Covid-secure manner. Luckily we have been able to reopen our salon but unfortunately we cannot work in the same way as you have been used to in the past. We now have to take some extra precautions around health, safety and hygiene to protect our clients and staff, so we would kindly ask you to please follow the guidance below.

• Please do not bring any other people, including children, with you when you visit our salon because we it is difficult to keep social distancing in our small place.

• Please come to the salon on time, if you arrive early you may not be able to come in to the salon or if you are going to be late we may not be able to give you any services.

• Please bring and wear your own mask and ensure that you wear it all times whilst in the salon.

• We will check your body temperature at the door using a non-contact thermometer and if you have a high temperature we will, unfortunately, have to refuse you entry to the salon.

• Plase try not to bring any large items with you into the salon as we will not be able to look after them for you.

• We will only be accepting card or contactless payments. The current limit for contactless card payments is £45, Apple Pay and Google Pay do not have a limit.

• We are not able to supply any magazines or any drink services.

• We can only give you a normal shampoo, we are no longer able to provide you with a head massage.

• Please try not to use our toilet as this will mean additonal cleaning work for our staff.

If you are not able to follow the above guidance we may have to refuse to provide you with our service.

The above guidance may look very strict but, as I’m sure you will understand, we are trying to protect all of our clients and staff during the pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and support.